Screamer-Killer Brood

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Carnifexes are living engines of destruction, towering monsters of unyielding armoured chitin and knotted alien muscle. These particular Carnifexes are known as Screamer-Killers, named for the terrifying ululating shriek that accompanies their deadly bio-plasma discharges. They're able to tear apart hapless enemies with huge sweeps of their scythe-shaped talons, and immolate any survivors with incandescent bolts of their bio-plasma.

This fantastic set contains 2 Carnifexes, to be assembled as the Screamer-Killer Brood. Each Carnifex comes with two pairs of scything talons, a pair of crushing claws, deathspitter, devourer, stranglethorn cannon and heavy venom cannon. There are 5 alternate heads, and the tail has the choice of thresher scythe or bone mace. 

This plastic kit contains 110 components with which to make 2 Carnifexes that can be assembled as Old One Eye’s Brood, a Thornback Brood, a Carnifex Brood or a Screamer-Killer Brood.

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

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